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Thanks for visiting Platinum Pythons v2015. We are a specialty breeder of collection quality-designer Ball Pythons. A stunning reptile, and considered by many-the 'perfect pet'. Our collection produces beautiful ball python morphs. Breeding has been ongoing for2015. And we just had a surprise early clutch of Pastel Pumas!!! Our "News" Page keeps updates about what we are doing, and see our 'Available' page for available baby updates. Here is a partial list of our breeding collection:


We obtained our original breeding collection from the most respected Ball Python Breeders throughout N. America. And, continually add to it with beautiful selected morphs we produce here, as well as some babies we obtain from other responsible breeders.

The morphs we choose to breed, are our favorites. Our priority here at PlatinumPythons.com, in Southern California, is always health, proper care, and having the best representative possible of a given morph!

We look forward to possibly meeting you in the future.

Thank you,


Selective Bred Ball Pythons!

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